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Bicycling on the T'Railway

Cyclists should note that the weather varies quite a bit on the island of Newfoundland, sometimes from one minute to the next. Generally, the summer months July and August are fairly pleasant but black flies and mosquitos can be bothersome. Please note that frost and sometimes even snowstorms can occur well into June and September particularly in areas of higher elevation such as the Gaff Topsails. The prevailing winds in the summer are westerly so in that sense there may be a marginal advantage in traveling from west to east. Please look at Newfoundland T'Railway - FAQs as there is a lot of relevant information provided.

T'Railway BikePacking Routes

T'Railway BikePacking Routes

Newfoundland T'Railway Branch Lines & Heritage

Across Newfoundland by Fatbike | slow:biker

across newfoundland by fatbike | slow:biker

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