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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to travel across the entire island by ATV?

    Not quite. The section of T'Railway between Pasadena and Mount Moriah, just west of Corner Brook, was used for highway expansion requiring ATV users to get transported through the gap.
    The Gut Bridge at Stephenville Crossing is permanently closed due to structural deterioration.
    The St. John's and Mount Pearl sections, as well as most of Conception Bay South (CBS) are closed to all motorized use, including motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile.
    For further information, call our office at (709) 256-8833 or check the government website

  • Where can I find detailed information on the T'Railway...maps, points of interest, accommodations, etc.?

    Your best bet would be to obtain a copy of the travel guide by outdoor adventure writer Sue Lebrecht. The title is The Trans Canada Trail: Newfoundland and is published by the Canadian Geographic Society in conjunction with the Trans Canada Trail Foundation.You can also go to the Trans Canada Trail Locator which will provide you with maps and a wealth of related information on trails, routes, GPS locations, way points, etc.Click here
    Topographical maps in various formats and scales (1:50,00; 1:20,000 etc.) are available through the provincial government but cost is a consideration. The mapping division is located in the Howley Building in St. John's and you can reach them at (709) 729-3304.

  • Can I drink the water from the rivers and ponds along the way?

    You could but you may live to regret it. While the water in many of our rivers and ponds is perfectly fine to drink, in recent years there has been a marked increase in the incidence of giardiasis (aka beaver - not Beiber - fever), a diarrheal illness caused by a one-celled, microscopic parasite sometimes found in beaver droppings. Rather than risk a whole assortment of nasty symptoms which we won't go into here, you should avoid untreated water whenever possible.You might also want to check out various water purification tablets and/or some of the portable water filters designed for hikers.

  • Is it possible to sponsor a section of the T'Railway in Newfoundland?

    You certainly can sponsor a section of the T'Railway in Newfoundland and we'd be delighted if you did. The "Build a Metre of Trail" campaign is administered by the Trans Canada Trail Foundation, with which we are affiliated , and you can request that your donation be spent in the province of your choice. You can check out the details on the Trans Canada Trail website at or by calling 1-800-465-3636.

  • Can I carry a gun with me on the T'Railway?

    For the most part, no. However, non-residents in possession of a valid big game hunting license who are accompanied by a licensed guide can carry firearms during open hunting seasons. Because it is a provincial park, however, the use of firearms within the T'Railway boundaries is not permitted.

  • Who is responsible for maintaining the T'Railway?

    The T'Railway is owned by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and comes under the jurisdiction of the Tourism, Culture and Recreation. Consequently, they are ultimately responsible for maintaining the T'Railway, either directly themselves or through the appointed agencies such as the Newfoundland T'Railway Council (that's us). Since the mid-90's the T'Railway Council has upgraded many hundreds of kilometres of rail bed and has refurbished virtually all of the 133 trestles and bridges located along the trail. However, the work we do is dependent on the availability of funding from the federal and provincial governments, the private sector and other sources.

  • Can I use my cell phone anywhere along the T'Railway?

    It is certainly a good idea to carry one but coverage varies considerably from one area to another so you would be wise not to rely on it for emergencies.

  • Does your province have long sections of trail that horses can ride without interruption of paved trails/roads? I look forward to your response.

    There are some sections of the T'Railway that would probably be more or less suitable for horseback riding, particularly in the central and southwest portions of the island. However, you're going to encounter some major problems in areas that have not been upgraded. Certain trestles may tend to spook the animals while the original gravel or heavy ballast used to stabilize the track would make for very loose footing.

  • I'm considering a cross-island ATV trek from the ferry at Port aux Basques through to Argentia this fall. Are there any legal restrictions or requirements that I should be aware of?

    Helmets are required, as is insurance for machines crossing any road or highway. There are also restrictions as to the type of terrain over which ATVs are permitted to travel. For detailed information pertaining to ATVs and snowmobiles you should go to the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador website.

  • How is the weather in Newfoundland in the summer? Is there a dominant direction where the wind usually comes from? Here in Germany, for example, the wind mostly comes from the west, and when I plan a bicycle trip I usually prefer a west-east direction rather that east-west, to avoid head winds.

    The weather varies quite a bit on the island of Newfoundland, sometimes from one minute to the next. Generally, our summers are fairly pleasant, but frost and sometimes even snowstorms can occur well into June and early September. The prevailing winds in the summer are westerly so in that sense there may be a marginal advantage in traveling from west to east. Check out the Bicycling on the T?Railway website.

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