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The Newfoundland T'Railway Council is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the development of a recreational trail from St. John's to Port aux Basques using the former Canadian National railway line. Its mandate is to promote multi-use trail development and to preserve abandoned railway lines for future use such as hiking, biking, equestrian, snowmobile, ATV and cross-country ski trails. Other uses like dog sledding and snowshoeing may be appropriate in certain regions.

Newfoundland T'Railway Board of Directors

Newfoundland T'Railway Staff

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  • Jamie Warren Executive Director (709) 700-0218

Long Term Goals

To develop and use the Newfoundland T'Railway in a sustainable manner that preserves its natural environment and cultural features and its continuity as a recreational corridor for current and future users.

The Council's objectives are:
  • to work in partnership with community and government resource groups to bring about an improved quality of life through the full utilization of the province's natural heritage;
  • to work along side the appropriate agencies to ensure Special Areas Preservation and to promote awareness of the natural and cultural environment;
  • to encourage regional and local leadership;
  • to increase recognition of the province's trail network as a significant resource for tourism-related economic development;
  • to avoid conflict with stakeholders adjacent to the T'Railway right-of-way and to strive for cooperation and consensus in matters relating to the continuing development of the T'Railway;
  • to encourage private investment in trail development and maintenance;
  • to capitalize on the growing interest in trails around the world;
  • to provide, through the T'Railway, opportunities for the advancement of regional, provincial and national strategic priorities;
  • to develop appropriate management structures to assume local responsibility for the development and maintenance of corresponding sections of the T'Railway;
  • to act as a resource for other trail groups in the province to ensure that issues such as trail standards, trail management and maintenance, liability, risk management etc. are adopted as necessary by each trail or trail group;
  • to support and assist in the building of the Trans Canada Trail.

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