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Expand Tender for Brush Clearing


Newfoundland T?Railway Council
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Water management and climate resiliency
Port Aux Basques to Gallants

Scope of Work

Newfoundland T?Railway Council is looking for a quote to clear brush and reestablish ditches ( water management) where necessary. Establish safe sight lines; this will be done on both sides of the T?Railway. Brush and material must be removed from the area or tossed behind the tree line. Removed brush must not clog ditches or culverts.
Any culvert replacement(s) will be quoted and completed as needed. The project manager and T?Railway Executive Director will decide this. Decisions on this will be based on budget and timelines. Additional work, such as fixing washouts, will be determined by project manager.
The project will also include installing signage posts. These posts will be 2-inch steel 6 feet long and placed in the ground 4 feet. The T'Railway Council, through the project manager, will supply posts and locations (GPS). The project manager will install the signs.

Please quote a price per Km.
1. Safety signage must be placed on both ends of the work site to alert the travelling public to heavy equipment in the area. The contractor is responsible for providing the signage. T?Railway will issue reminders to the travelling public through Social media, its Website, and press releases.
2. The contractor must submit a Letter of Good Standing, and preference will be given to COR-certified contractors.
3. All work is to be undertaken and performed in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and the Provincial Parks Act requirements.
4. The Newfoundland T?Railway project manager will visit worksites, take pictures, and provide guidance if needed.
5. Bridges are rated to 5 tons
6. T?Railway Council will obtain permits for the work
7. Deadline for submissions is Thursday ... More »
...May 16th 2024 Midnight

If further information is required; please contact
Jamie Warren
Executive Director
NF T?Railway Council
709-700-0218 ( cell Jamie Warren)

Please e-mail quote

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